Car insurance

Important information:

Choosing a car for rent, you should always think about insurance. It is one of the major aspects when you are looking for a rental service.

Even though you are in your own country with your usual movement, there is always a risk. So, there is even more chance for a car accident in the country with left-hand drive, as Thailand.

What happens if your engine fails? Or your battery dies? Vehicle breakdowns are often inconvenient.

Do not take risks! Choose cars with proper insurance.

Our company HuaHin.Rent cares about you. We will never entail inconvenience on somebody or make our customers to pay additional charges.

Therefore, we offer you only cars with full premium commercial insurance (code 120).

страховка в таиланде

страховка в таиланде

Many car rental companies save money by purchasing the cheapest “1st class” insurance (code 110), which is positioned as a “full coverage” insurance. We do not take advantage of our customers and provide them the whole information.

This “1st class” insurance (code 110) is not valid when you rent a car.

In case of a simple accident you will be forced to pay for damages and loose your deposit.

In case of a serious accident, you will have to pay not only for the car damages, but for medical service, which is not cheap in Thailand. That is why good car insurance is very important.

Do not rely on the persuasion of the managers in rental companies, that they will solve all the problems. Protect yourself in advance by choosing a car rental with the right insurance!

Just drive – we take care!